Give the Gift of Audiobooks — It’s Easy!

If you’re looking for the perfect last minute gift, why not give the ultimate green gift? Audiobooks are cool because they’re the perfect zero waste, virtual gift. They provide a rich experience without the shipping and the hassle.

Audiobooks make great gifts for anyone with a daily commute, a vacation ahead, or looking to break the habit of social media binging. With 125,000+ audio books to choose from, they’ll find books they’ll love.

Now, you can gift audiobooks with 1-month ($15), 3-month ($45), 6-month ($90), and 12-month ($165) subscriptions to your friends and family. Each subscription offers 1 audio book each month — a huge value.

You choose the subscription amount, they choose the book(s). Get started.


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Offered through a partnership with, LOAKL is proud to offer this unique gift-giving opportunity this holiday season. So, take a moment to give the gift of audiobooks to someone you love.

Know someone else who loves audiobooks? Help us spread the word: Tell a friend about LOAKL’s audiobook subscription offer and they’ll get their first month free.