Yes, YOU Can Make a Difference! Here’s How

How do we foster a democratic society? What are the values we want society to have? As it turns out, answering these questions is not a job we can outsource. It’s a job for all of us!

Modern democracy requires all of us to get involved in our communities and make our voices and our values heard. Many of us, however, are busy and not sure where to plug in. We wonder how we can help and where to get involved. Well, worry no more. UC Berkeley Professor and longtime US policy advisor Arthur Blaustein has written a follow-up to his previous book, Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport.  Just released this month, Making a Difference: The Ultimate Volunteer Handbook is a comprehensive guide to civic participation and the best opportunities for volunteering. Blaustein encourages everyone to heed the call and find and get involved in an organization we care about as part of our civic duty. He makes it clear that each one of us has something valuable to contribute—all we need is the will and the initiative to take the first step and start somewhere. The book offers many great examples and worthy organizations where volunteers are needed.

Given current events, there’s no time like the present.


Praise for Making a Difference


“Blaustein’s effort will help a new generation of Americans approach community service—and their own lives—in a way that will strengthen our democracy.”

—Secretary of State John Kerry


“Looking for creative and useful ways to benefit communities across America? Read this book.”

—Senator Edward M. Kennedy


“If you’re wondering what the world is coming to . . .how to remain hopeful . . . where to begin. The answer is [Make a Difference] . . . Please take this book with you into the rest of your life.”

—Barbara Kingsolver


“Arthur Blaustein has kept the faith. His book will help us regain the heights and take democracy back!”

—Bill Moyers


~ ~ ~

You can order a copy of Making a Difference here.